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I have ghost-written a book for a client in 2017. It’s a full-length novel based on paranormal experiences, that I have woven into a fictional story of two women that I created from scratch, in the context of women’s emancipation. Ithas been published with an international publishing house. I was the Editor/Manuscript Doctor.Details on request.

Editing & Proof-reading:

I’m currently editing and doctoringa book I Am Love for author ShraddhaSoni.

I had also proof-read the last copy of I Am Life by author ShraddhaSoni

I have compiled information and wrote a Coffee Table Book for the Sesquicentennial of Sir JJ College of Applied Art, Mumbai.

I have written, edited and proofed the Art Chennai catalogues, 2012, a full book of Artists' and Galleries' profile. A copy of this Coffee Table Book is available at the library of |https://www.cholamandalartistvillage.com/artists.html

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