Conceptual themes, cosmology, impressionistic/surreal landscapes, intense angst, cerebral logic, tantra and a bright wonder imbue my works – vivid acrylics and oils on canvas and paper, charcoal, multimedia/animation, acrylics, art installations in wood, fiberglass, fabric & scrap metal, large wall murals, short films, photography and poetry.

Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Michelangelo have been my inspirations - especially Da Vinci, for his versatility and ability to fuse various disciplines into art. Other influences are of the Bombay School of Artists, M F Husain, Raza and Tyeb Mehta. The idiom I use is intensely personal. By touching on universal issues of the psyche and of experience, I attempt to relate to others through my painting.

I have enjoyed working on a video installation for German artist Friedmann in 2007; and want to interact with artists, cultures, enhance my world-view, and hopefully engender a brave new artistic expression that employs human experience as commentary on man’s evolution, and guide to understand, and to move forward. I am keenly motivated to make a difference.