Murali Raman

I am an independent Creative Consultant - Copy - creation of fiction, novels, screenplays, film scripts, corporate & ad films Digital Content, Social Media & Art. My past consultancies include Liases Foras, CampHire,, Percept D'Mark, Adea,, etc. after a rich advertising career. I've had multi-varied experience in my career so far...animation, documentary, corporate and short film-making, mural & canvas painting, installation art, TV Series creation & production, Digital Marketing and creative content.

I have had multi-varied experiences in my career so far. And continue to do so.

I have been a Creative Director in Digital & Online Communication, as well as Mainline; Marketing Communication Strategist, Creative Solutioner, Script Writer, Ghost-writer & Script Doctor of Novels; Creative & Supervising Director on TV shows for kids, Television Creative, Blogger, Adman, Short Film & AV Maker, Poet, Painter, Installation Artist - I have been a good brand manager when I was a creative person, and vice-versa later on, all through my formal career.I have named brands, created equity for a lot of Brands and have been responsible for much print work and ad films.

Compelled by my aptitude and inclination to straddle all disciplines, I have been described as a 'Renaissance' communication person and also a Language/Grammar Nazi. The bottom line is that Writing comes naturally to me, and Art runs in my veins.

Consultancies & Positions held in Corporations

  • Director – Communications, Liases Foras;
  • Creative Director - Freemont Digital,
  • Plus RK Swamy BBDO, Pratibha-Quadrant, Mudra; Contract, Clea, Frank Simoes, and Momentum.
  • I have also worked independently on and many websites.
  • I have handled copy, content & design for a slew of accounts, some among them being a number of Taj Group of Hotels, Meru cabs, LeGrande, Godrej, HiCare, Cotton World, Natural Mantra, Asset Vantage…
  • I have consulted with various documentary and ad film makers, website and new media companies (Web Animation studio, Encyclomedia, Grey Films, Kosmic Films, a few ad agencies (Heros, Wavelength, Grandmother India).