The Terribly Tiny Gallery is your source for Art – I have Ready works of Art that you can see here or access my email, or even visit my space and purchase.

I also work on Commissioned Paintings, Installations & Video Art.

Logo  Artworks in Oils. Acrylics. Charcoal & Graphite. Tea. Multi-media.

My paintings and art installations are installed at many clients’ offices and private residences in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Seattle, Boise, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tokyo, South Africa, London, Buffalo.

Logo  Mammoth Wall Murals. Large & Small Canvases.

Wall Murals in public and Event spaces, homes, media and communication office spaces.

Also, large-format canvases in desired sizes and shapes and themes to fit Architects’, Interior Designers’ and Clients’ vision of their work and living spaces.

Logo  Complete creatives for Homes, Offices, Shops/Outlets, Window Displays.

Logo  3-D Art Installations of different scales, magnitudes & materials

These are videos of two of my installation projects:
The Incredibly Big Bang

Please browse through the works showcased here and mail or call me for commercial details.

See here

Acrylics, Oil, Tea & Ink on Stretched Canvas